Aloha Creatures!

Guess what!? I’m finally 15!!! There’s good and bad in being 15. The good is you’re 15. And the bad is you’re 15… meaning in 5 years I’ll be 20 and probably in my second year of college. How freaky is that!? Anyways, since it’s my barfday, I wore a blackout outfit with the most colourful thing I have. I am in love with all of the items in my outfit. Especially the leather jacket from Topshop. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the perfect leather jacket and I finally found it! Ah, Topshop! I’m in love with everything from Topshop. I mean, have you seen their jackets! Oh my gulay I just wish I could order everything from Topshop!

I already talked about my skirt before, didn’t I? Anyways, I am also in love with this skirt. It’s got aztec prints on it, as you can see, and it’s got a zipper down the front just like my other H&M skirt I wore in a previous outfit. It’s really hard to wear other clothing items with this skirt because it’s so colourful and if I wear other colourful things with it it’s gonna look weird and way too overthetop. 

The necklace is from the one and only Candice Evelyn. She bought it for me from Thailand. I first fell in love with the necklace when I saw it in her mom’s closet when I went to her place. It’s so cool! I wish I knew where she bought it! 

Anyways, I’m gonna go now and be 15. Btw, did you notice my hair’s black again? Now it’s only red when I’m in the sunlight. #SadFace. Anyways, have fun being however young you are.

And listen to this song! #HappyAlmostAnniversaryAllTimeLowLiveInManila! #WhyAmIHashtaggingImNotOnTwitter

xx Danica

H&M skirt // Topshop leather jacket // Unknown necklace // Unknown tank top // Converse

My Hair Is Bipolar.

Hey guys :)

Mwahhaha, another post! I am on a roll here!

I think I might finally be back for good :) No promises, but my assignment calendar looks slow for the next couple weeks. Thank god. 

Here is an outfit I wore out for dinner a couple nights ago :) I’m kinda not happy with how to look turned out though :/ The shirt doesn’t complement the skirt in the way I meant for it to. And my hair was being pissy that day and decided not to cooperate. Oh well, its not awful I suppose.

My dad finally got me more film for my polaroid! Yay! I celebrated by taking a selfie :P and then a selfie of my polaroid selfie.

Selfieception :O

Anyways, thats it for now. Time to go for a run.

xx C

// Forever 21 shirt // Forever 21 hi-lo skirt // Forever 21 bracelets // Primadonna shoes// Unknown sunglasses //

(jesus. thats a lot of forever 21 in one look :P)

The Mathematician.

Hey guys :)

Long time no see D: I’m so sorry. My life nowadays revolves around this crap:

Yes. Math. Math honors. Bleghhh, oh well. No one said it was easy…

no one said it was going to be this hard…

(did you get the song reference ;) lololol.)

As an apology, here is a picture of my cat just after she had a bath.

She looks like a drowned rat.

Anyways, I found these polka dotted shorts hiding in the back of my closet and I was like “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?” They are so beautiful. The nude colour is so pretty and the polka dots are so fun! I decided to just wear a simple type of top with it. I’m not that daring of a person :P

The top I wore is from SM ladies wear :) It was so cheap :P but I love it too. A simple black sweater with a lacey back. I found it works.

Oh, and I would have worn some other sort of shoes, but my ankle and my knee have been all gimpy lately, so I just wore my trusty converse.

Seriously, my knee and my ankle are so messed up ohmygod. I have been limping for the last few days and today is my first time this week without wearing some sort of brace around them. 

Anyways, its good to be back. I hope I can keep up my posting schedule again :)

xx C

(p.s. sorry some of these pictures are blurry xD)

// SM Ladies Wear top // Antiques shorts // Converse sneakers //

Leather Jackets and Stockings ~ Taylor Momsen

Boys and girls, cats and squirrels, and of course, all the beautiful creatures out there , I present to you, Taylor Momsen, my biggest style icon in the world. Let me just say I love her style. Who else agrees with me? From Gossip Girl to the Pretty Reckless, Taylor’s personal style has definitely changed for the good. Excuse me, I mean for the best!   

Taylor’s style is grunge/punk/rebellious/and all around edgy. As you probably know, Taylor wears a leather jacket in almost all of her outfits and stockings/over the knee high socks when she’s wearing shorts. Carefully shadowed raccoon eyes, deep red or almost nude pink lips are Taylor’s signature makeup and everybody knows it. Theses are some of the reasons why her style is so edgy. She’s not afraid to take chances and she’s not afraid of what people think of her. That’s one of the reasons I adore her. She doesn’t give a damn. She’s fearless.

Below are two basic outfits (I didn’t put accessories because I barely wear any even though she does) I planned for the weekdays and weekends. But just a reminder, please don’t wear either of these outfits every weekday or weekend. That’d be really weird. These are just outfits you can try if you wanted to dress a little more like Taylor. Don’t forget to add your own personal style to it and have fun with the outfits.

One last thing! I can’t wait until Bazooka Rocks on September 30th! I can’t believe I’m finally going to see the Pretty Reckless live! And I can’t believe I’m finally going to see Taylor Momsen! I’ll try my best to meet her and take a picture with her. AHHH! It’s going to be amazing! In case you didn’t know Taylor Momsen’s band, the Pretty Reckless, here are my top 5 songs by them:

  1. Under the Water
  2. Goin’ Down
  3. My Medicine
  4. Just Tonight
  5. Nothing Left To Lose

I’m gonna go now. Bye!

xx D

Navy + Stripes ft. Rory the Hippo

Hello Creatures!

So my outfit today is kinda very formal and very girly. I don’t know why but my style is getting girlier. It’s probably because of my new obsession with shoes (mostly heels) [not really a new obsession but you know, shoes!], collared shirts, and skirts. There wasn’t really an occasion for this outfit, I just felt like wearing this skirt I got from Naf Naf last week. And also my new shoes from Forever 21 I bought before I went to Korea. And since I’m obsessing over the painting I showed you on my last post, I wanted to wear a striped shirt just like the shirt she was wearing. I didn’t know where my long-sleeved shirt was so this had to do. But I think this outfit looks better with this top rather than the long-sleeved one. But in the end, it kinda fit all together. I was going to wear a few bracelets with this but I barely wear accessories anyways so it doesn’t really matter. Oh and I found out the real artist’s name. His name is Jojo Salano! He’s absolutely amazing! I’m going to meet him hopefully before my birthday and since we can’t really afford the 85K painting, I’m going to ask him to paint something else. Something more personal to me.

Anyways, I noticed recently that most of the pictures I post make me look kinda pissed and unhappy. So at the end of this post, there’s a picture of my friend. He’ll make you laugh, I promise. It’s a long story so I probably won’t tell you the whole story but here’s the short version: he told me I looked like the snake from Kung Fu Panda and so I told him he looked like a hippo. And he does! Don’t mean to be mean but it’s true. He’s not fat or anything, he just reminds me of a hippo. Haha. He also wanted to be on the blog so now he is :) 

And here’s a song to make you feel better. It doesn’t really match this post or my hippo friend but this song always makes me happy and we should all be happy today for some unknown reason - Reactions by Acres of Lions. I’m pretty sure I saw them live in Canada this summer but I don’t remember because I saw so many bands! Well, enjoy the song and enjoy the picture of my friend :) 

xx Danica 

Naf Naf skirt // Vintage shirt // Forever 21 heels // Unknown bag


Hey guys,

Like Danica said in our last post, we are sorry for the lack of posts. We have both been so overwhelmed with our responsibilities. If your interested in what I’ve been doing, I’ve been training for cross country 3-4 times a week, keeping up with the standard of the orchestra, catching up with the rest of my math honors class, keep my spot in one of the clubs i’m in, keep up with my friends and my boyfriend…

I actually have no idea how i’m going to this for the next four years of my life :/ Oh well.

Since my life has been quite hectic for the last few weeks, I have started listening to some chill/indie music. Very different to my summer playlist. I love these songs and they save me from my emotions most of the times. I listen to these songs before I go to sleep to help clear my mind, or just whenever I need to relax (before a test, race or performance etc.). Anyways, here is my list. Next to each song I wrote my favorite lyrics from it :)

  1. Youth by Daughter (If you’re in love, then you are the lucky one, ‘cause most of us are bitter over someone)
  2. Candles by Daughter (Things cannot be reversed, we learn from the ones we fear the worst)
  3. Love by Daughter (you both knew I’d be bleeding inside)
  4. The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song) by Copeland (You see love is a drink that goes straight to my head and time is a lover and i’m caught in her stare)
  5. Priceless by Copeland (I need you like the dragonfly’s wings need the wind, like the orphan needs home once again, like heaven needs more to come in, I need you here like you’ve always been)
  6. Love Affair by Copeland (love took her hand like a thief, took her heart like a robber, and the feelings that scare her become her relief)
  7. Angels by The XX (If someone believed me they would be as in love with you as I am)
  8. Intro by The XX (*this song is instrumental so…. lol awks*)
  9. She’s Got You High - Mumm Ra (open your mind, believe it’s going to come to, romance alive and hope she’s going to tell you)
  10. Pretty Face - Soley (I run away from you, into your dream I lose the one, that I was in when you told me that I could never meet my friends again)

(click on the songs to open up a youtube link in a new tab!)

Hope you like my songs! 

Music saves me from myself most of the time.

xx C

Casual Friday

Hello Creatures!

I know we haven’t posted in awhile but that’s only because we’ve been really tired and super busy with school work. Please forgive us. 

So anyways, here’s the very first casual Friday post (for me) ever! I was out with a friend and we went to High Street and just hung out after school. We decided to go upstairs and I found the most beautiful painting I’ve ever seen! And it’s this one! The picture at the end is not the full picture because there was no room to take a proper picture of it.

This painting is me. It’s so me! I just love it! And it’s amazing that I found it because this is what I’m going to beg for for my birthday. I just can’t describe my love for this painting. I think this painting is by Mark S. Tiongco, I’m guessing from the card I have. He’s going to have an art show on the 21st, (the day after my birthday!) but unfortunately I’m going to be out of town. Colon left parenthesis. 

I think you’ve seen all of the items in my outfit before so I don’t really have to write about that. I just really wanted to tell you about this beautiful painting! And don’t you dare buy it for yourself! If you’re gonna buy it, buy it for me! Jkjk. But I’m serious. Please don’t take this away from me!

xx D

Bershka jeans // Blanco top // Steve Madden boots // Topshop backpack

Shopping In Korea Part 1/1 


So as a ritual, whenever we travel someplace else, we usually show you what we bought. So here’s my Shopping Cart from Seoul, Korea. I didn’t buy a lot because 1) I went there for a wedding, 2) I only really had two days to shop since I was only there for 4 days and half of my shopping day I was taking pictures, and 3) everything is so expensive! But here are some stuff I HAD to buy! And most of them were on sale. 

Best of the basics. I needed basic shirts anyways and there was a sale (2 for ₩15,000) and I wanted to buy another one so the extra one was ₩7,500. All were from the same store called Top Ten.

Skirts are fun, girly things and lately I’ve been feeling girly with my style and all. So here are the 2 skirts I bought. The peach one is from a street vendor (so, unknown) and I don’t really know what it is because if it was supposed to be a hi-lo skirt, they failed. Just kidding. But I’m serious. But I’m gonna fix it up to be a hi-lo just like the black one I wore in an earlier post. 

And this colourful mini skirt is from H&M! It’s so cute! I think it’s the most colourful thing I own. And I love it! Why can’t we have an H&M in the Philippines!?

My biggest splurge of the whole trip was on a Charles and Keith handbag. And it’s so nice! And it’s amazing how I found this because 1) it was on sale (50% off!) , and 2) I’ve been looking for a slouchy handbag for like forever! So I guess I’m in love with this bag.

"Go big or go home." Wise and plagiarized words said by my godmother. I showed her 2 different bow ties I wanted. The one here and a pretty simple-but-not-too-simple one. I liked the one I bought more but my mom didn’t so I asked my godmother and she liked this one better as well. 2-1, I think (and I know) I won! The bow tie’s from a little store called Silk Button and they make these really cute things like bow ties, rings, and headbands. 

And my beloved skull bracelets. I just love them! These ones are from another little store called Red Clip. I bought Candice the same colourful one from there. I bought her one in Spain as well but I left it in my room in Spain (my host family’s). Oops. Well at least now they have one! Hehe.

And here are the shoes I was talking about before. So many girls had platformed shoes and they’re so cool because even though they’re flat, they still give you that extra 1-2 inches. I love them because they make me taller, even if it’s just 2 inches more. They’re from a random street vendor so again, unknown

You can’t really see it in this picture but my new tights have little dots on them. I got them at the same vendor I bought the peach skirt. Again, unknown. I’ve been looking for these kinds of tights for awhile. I saw similar ones at Forever 21 but they were too expensive.

So yeah. That’s it for Korea. I have one more post about Korea. Sorry to burry you with my Korean posts, but I promise my next one will be the last. See you soon!

xx Danica

Safety Pins (Outfit + DIY)

Sup guys :)

Ok, so, I was being a crafty little creature and decided to cut up one of the shirts I got in thailand… and got a little carried away…

(remember this one?)

I was cutting off the collar to make it lower and more loose, and I accidentally cut one of the sleeves partially in half.

In desperation, I quickly brought in the sewing kit.

While staring down the needle and thread, I noticed some safety pins. I tried safety pinning some of the sleeve, and fell in love with how it looked!

The process…

The finished sleeve!

Its kind of a punk-ish look, but I like it :) Still very casual and stuff….

Nothing particularly special about this outfit though, just wanted to say that when it doubt, safety pin it out :P

xx C

// Fresh Cotton Shirt // Zara shorts // Keds Shoes //

Lace, Chiffon, and Platformed Shoes ~ Seoul, Korea

안녕하세요! Hello creatures!

I’m back from Korea! I came back on Tuesday at midnight and I will now tell you a few things about the Korean fashion, from what I saw. I only really had 2 days to walk around and shop since I landed at night and the wedding was the next day. Congrats Greg and Sujin!

Anyways, these photos were from my first day of shopping and I went to Myeong Dong and it was so crowded! Most of the shops had similar clothing pieces and they weren’t really my style but they were so pretty. The stores that didn’t have such similar inventory as the street carts and local shops were foreign stores like American Apparel, Forever 21, and Zara. There were more but I can’t named them all. Everyone had different personal style but there was something I noticed about many of the Koreans’ style. There were girly, bohemian/indie, tomboy, edgy, and more different styles but it was this one thing that caught my attention. Their style had a sense of girly in them. Even if their style was tomboy, it was still girly. It was like that in Hong Kong and I loved it! I love their fashion sense and my mom even said everybody was always well-dressed! 

Oh and I also noticed that many girls wore lace, chiffon, and platformed shoes. You’ll see from my pictures that most of the girls are wearing platformed shoes. I bought a pair similar to the one in the 3rd and 4th picture. Oh and everybody’s hair was dyed either light brown or dirty blonde. I was so jealous! There was even this 4 year old that had dyed hair! I don’t know what else to say so I’m just going to tell you my favourite outfit from these pictures because I just feel like it. It’s the first one. I love her style! 

I felt like such a creep/stalker when I was taking these candid shots. I wonder if any of these people have ever been shot before. Anyways, I’ll leave you now! If you ever travel the world or run out of places to go, go to Seoul! But let me just warn you, a lot of the things there are expensive but it’s worth the splurge!

xx Danica